The Papers of George Boole, F.R.S. (1815-1864)

Section 4. Associated Documents


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27 Sept[1852]

From Harriet Martineau to Dr. Ryall, She is touring Ireland and wonders if she could have her mail, and that of her niece Susan addressed c/o Dr. Ryall. She will reclaim it on her return to Cork where she hopes to hire lodgings from William Martin in Patrick Street. She adds that they have had a very pleasant two months in Ireland, and are looking forward to meeting him.


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1 Oct 1852

From Robert Martineau, Birmingham to Dr. Ryall, apologising for the confusion over his sister's letters which are to be forwarded c/o Dr. Ryall at the College. He admonishes her for not addressing them c/o a Post Office. His sister would have enjoyed meeting him but she is leaving Cork very soon. He inquires after Mrs. Ryall's health and invites them to visit 'nothing would gratify us more than that you would volunteer to spend any spare time you may have under our roof.'


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25 Aug 1855

Covering letter from James Sheridan, Knowles, Rolliesay, Bute, to Dr. Ryall enclosing 'my little work.'


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31 Aug 1864

To Rev. Everest, Brownings Patterdale, Hotel Ullswater Westmoreland, from Mr. [John] Bright, expressing his annoyance that he will be away from home during the coming week when Everest will be in the area. He would have liked to discuss American affairs with Everest 'they are critical, but not such as to make us desponding' and 'The great matter now is the Presidential Election'.


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Pencil drawing of Sligo Abbey by C.A.E.

BP/1/374 (See Also BP/1/375)

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11 Apr 1899

Letter from James A. Wood, 1 Langhan Place to Metcalfe, telling him he is missing sheet music for a second violin part of Elijah, and instructing him if he does not find it to write to all his second violins and also 'Be a Good boy and send P.H. a cheque for his organ work'. Adds he will write a later letter about Metcalfe's Elijah performance as he was very "struck" on it.

BP/1/375 (See Also BP/1/374)

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Circular advertising Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woods 'vocal recital', to be held at the Town Hall Eastbourne on Saturday June 2. Stalls five shillings, Reserved Seats two shillings six pence, and giving the programme.


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Scrap of paper with 'We the undersigned beg to nominate the Rev. W. Giles of [Netherlyl] House, Chester as a fit and proper person to be a fellow of the College of Preceptors' written on it.


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Part of a letter discussing the rapturous reception given to a poem by Bishop Heber of Oxford. Also a rough copy of a poem beginning 'The land the land I love the land, Far from the shore and barren strand.'