The Papers of George Boole, F.R.S. (1815-1864)

Section 1

E. Biographical material

I. Unpublished Material compiled by members of the Boole Family


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A biography of Boole's life including the rough drafts compiled by Maryann Boole. It tends to be somewhat over romanticised. She concentrates on examining Boole's qualities - his generous personality; studious nature: 'He told me that from boyhood he had the conviction that logic could be reduced to a mathematical science, and that he had often made himself ill on the attempt to prove it, but that it was not until 1849 that the true method flashed upon him' (p56); magnificent intellect; love of England 'On removing to Ireland he was at once painfully struck by the absence of field walks, a want which he never ceased to deplore, and which of itself suffered to make him feel himself not at home in the country of his adoption' (p74); kindness of heart; nobility of spirit and his popularity ' ... and with ladies almost universally he was a favourite. The awe with which he first commonly inspired them at first invariably wore away as they discovered how gentle and unpretending and utterly free from pedantry he was ... how entirely in their presence the philosopher was lost in the friend' (p74). There is little or no mention of his marriage to Mary Everest or of his family life in Cork. She does not delve too deeply into his academic work, but concentrates on his development as a person rather than as a mathematician. She gives a good deal of background information about his parents. Includes extracts from some of Boole's poetry and letters he wrote to friends, also some annotations by MEH [Mary Ellen Hinton - Boole's eldest daughter].


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Notebook containing rough notes and jottings of biographical material relating to the Boole family of Lincoln, including several family trees drawn by Mary Ellen Hinton from information provided by Maryann Boole. Also contains a reference suggesting Boole's mother, Maryann Joice was illegitimate.


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Boole family tree covering six generations. The names are all numbered and there is an inscription: 'The numbers here given are referred to in the notebook in order that no difficulty in identification may be felt. (Notebook not in collection).


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Search of biographical entries relating to the Boole/Chaloner family of Lincoln sent to Mrs C Howard¬Hinton of Appingham Co., Rutland, taken from a register of 1881.


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Photocopy of 'Home Side of a Scientific Mind' by Mary Everest-Boole, a biography of her husband's life published in the Trinity University Magazine. She makes the proviso: 'I would prefer them (her memories) to be regarded rather as fragmentary studies of inner history in this nineteenth century, than as constituting a personal memoir.'

II. Published works on Boole's life and work


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Copy of Algèbre et logique: d'après les textes originaux de G. Boole et W.S. Jevons Introd. et adapt. française par Frédéric Gillot, autographed by Prof. Georges Bouligand (also wrote the preface) and inscribed to Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor (Boole's great-grandson).

III. Obituaries of George Boole


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21 Jan. 1865

Copy of the Illustrated London News Vol. XII, July ¬December 1864, containing an obituary of George Boole P 59-61.


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Paper containing a handwritten transcription of Boole's Obituary published in The Times of 26 January 1865, and also a transcription of Dr Ryall's letter to The Times published 1 February 1865, refuting the paper's claim that the Boole family has been left destitute: 'These statements were inserted without the sanction or knowledge of Mrs. Boole or any member of her family and are exaggerated and untrue.' He claims the reporter involved twisted words.


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Obituary by R.R. Harley taken from Proceedings of The Royal Society Vol. 15. Two copies.


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Handwritten obituary of Boole transcribed from Macmillan magazine.


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Three copies of an obituary by M.A. MacConaill.


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Obituary by T.A.A. Broadbent, of the Royal Naval College Greenwich.


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Reprint of the obituary published in the Lincolnshire Chronicle.

IV. Memorabilia


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Obituary of Edward James Willson, a Lincoln architect taken from 'Gentlemans Magazine' for March 1855, with annotation 'address to Dr. Boole Queen's College Cork 1849.'

BP/1/321 (See Also BP/1/325)

200 pages

Volume of A Treatise on Problems of Maxima and Minima solved by algebra by Ramchindra and inscribed: 'Presented by The Secretary of State for India to Professor Boole.'


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Handwritten card 'Prof. Boole Queens Coll. Cork, Ballintemple'.


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Card of Joseph Joachim, 25 Phillemars Gardens [Keasiaston] in an envelope marked 'various autographs K. Reynolds, French, Macmillian, F. Minton, J. Newman, Rensen'.


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Small notebook used for various purposes, containing addresses, accounts ('muslin 11d., ribbon 2s.8d., stamps 1s.Od.') shopping lists and word games.

BP/1/325 (See Also BP/1/321)

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Page found in (BP/1/322 containing a word game called Threes. The page is divided into 10 sections and the object is to put three things or names of people which are similar into each, e.g. Box 7 Drake, Nelson and Blake.


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Dialogue in rough verse between Cousin George and Cousin Susan referring to a pair of antique gloves bought by Susan: 'Says the man with the yardwand what sort and how big Says I to the fellow I don't care a fig If they be such an elegan pair [1] ask my wig', with rough jottings on reverse.


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Incomplete obituary notice of William Brooke (d. Dec 1872) taken from the Stanford Mercury.