The Papers of George Boole, F.R.S. (1815-1864)

Section 1

C. Academic material

I. Unpublished lectures by George Boole


32 pages
[ ]

First part of a lecture on Ancient Mythologies by George Boole (marked copy).


30 pages
[ ]

Second part of a lecture on Ancient Mythologies by George Boole.


48 pages
[ ]

Copy of a lecture entitled 'Are the Planets Inhabited' by George Boole, inscribed Master B.J.B. Boole, L & N Parcels Offices, 21 Queen St., Wolverhampton. Copied by William Boole.


40 pages
[ ]


60 pages
[ ]


2 items
[ ]

Typed copy of 'Rules and Instructions addressed to his pupils and more particularly to those who are under his immediate care as members of his household' by George Boole, also copybook entitled 'School Rules and Arrangements' in George Boole's writing - 'not important'.

II. Copies of published works by George Boole


2 items

Two copies of 'Address on The Genius and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton', delivered in February 1835 at the Lincoln and Lincolnshire Mechanics Institute.


58 pages

'On a General Method of Analysis', Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 134, pp 225-282, inscribed 'Mr. Charles Boole from his affectionate brother the Author' (winner of the Gold Medal at the Royal Society).


26 pages
[ ]

'Researches in The Integral Calculus', Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. XXI, Part 1.


2 items

'The Right Use of Leisure' an address delivered on 9 February to the members of the Lincoln Early Closing Association. Two copies.


9 pages

'On a General Theorem of Definite Integration', Cambridge and Dublin Mathematical Journal, Vol. 6, pp 87-106.


10 pages

An account of the late John Walsh of Cork in a letter from Boole to de Morgan, Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 2, No.4, pp 348-358


13 pages

Two articles, 'Reply to some observations' published by Mr. Wilbraham on the theory of Chances developed in Professor Boole's Laws of Thought, Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 8, No.4, pp 91-98, also 'On the Conditions by which the Solutions of Question in the Theory of Probabilities are Limited' Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 8, No.4, pp 91-98.


59 pages

'On the Comparison of Transcendents, with certain applications to the Theory of Definite Integrals', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 147, pp 745-804.


18 pages

'On Simultaneous Differential Equations of the first order in which the number of variables exceeds by more than one the number of the equations', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 152, pp 437-454.


28 pages

'On the Theory of Probabilities', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 152, pp 225-252.


17 pages

'On the Differential Equations of Dynamics',Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Cambridge, Part 2, P 3.


23 pages

'On the Differential Equations which determine the form of the Roots of an Algebraic Equation', Proceedings of the Royal Society, Vol. 154, pp 733-755.


16 pages

'Of Propositions numerically definite, published posthumously', Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 11, pp 394-411.

III. Mathematical Exercises


90 pages
[ ]

Copybook inscribed J. Boole Lincoln, March 1st 1840, and W. J. Boole No.3 Pottergate Lincoln 7 July 1841, filled with mathematical equations taken from Gregory's Examples of the Diff. Calculus.


24 pages
[ ]

Loose sheets of mathematical calculations and problems.

IV. Testimonials

BP/1/291 (See Also BP/1/243)

12 pages

Printed copy of Boole's Testimonials presented to Boole by [the Lincoln Mechanics Institute] to commemorate his appointment as Professor of Mathematics at Q.C.C.. Includes testimonials from Prof. Augustus de Morgan, University College London; Professor P. Kelland, Professor of Maths, University of Edinburgh; Charles Graves, Professor of Maths, Trinity College Dublin; A. Layley, Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge; Robert Leslie Ellis, Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge; William Thompson, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Glasgow; Rev. George S. Dickson, Perpetual Curate Parish of St. Swithin, Lincoln; Edmund R. Larken, Rector of Burton by Lincoln; The Mayor and other inhabitants of the City of Lincoln; Charles Kirk, Student of St. John's College Cambridge. Also includes a list of his published works.


19 pages

'Lincoln Public Testimonial to Professor Boole'. Record of a public supper held in Lincoln to honour Boole on his appointment. Records toasts given in honour of Boole by the Mayor of Lincoln and Rev. E. R. Larken and Boole's replies.

BP/1/293 (See Also BP/1/291)

4 pages
22 Aug 1849

Letter from Boole 'To the Members of the Mechanics Institute who took a part in the meeting on Monday evening August 20th 1849', thanking them for voting to subscribe £5 towards a 'testimonial on the occasion of my appointment to the professorship of mathematics in Queens College Cork.' He appreciates the gesture but feels there is no need for it: 'You will agree with me that upon an occasion such as this, the sentiment and the regard for which the act emanates are everything and the act itself nothing.' He would prefer the money to go to establishing a fund for buying an astronomical telescope. If they insist on a token, he feels a small uninscribed inkstand would be appropriate.