The Papers of George Boole, F.R.S. (1815-1864)

Section 1

A. Letters of George Boole

IV. Letters to George Boole

i. from Mrs. Mary Everest to George Boole


2 pages
2 Sept 1852

Incomplete letter from Mrs. Mary Everest to Boole telling him how well her daughter Mary [Boole's future wife] is getting on with her Trigonometry. She's not getting through it however as quickly as when Boole is there and she wonders if she has to do all the difficult examples as they take her so long. She hopes to begin Analytical Geometry the next day and will send Boole some papers to show her progress.


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[ ]

From Mrs. Everest to Boole explaining she is unsure whether or not she will be able to visit Cork or Ireland as planned due to renovations having begun on her brother's house. She adds she is sorry to bother him with her problems as he has great troubles of his own. She also speaks of Mary [Everest]'s great love of maths, and how they missed him at a recent musical evening.

ii. from Isaac Todhunter to George Boole


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23 May 1863

Typed copy of a letter from Todhunter, St. John's College, Cambridge to Boole giving details of the position of Sadlerics Professor of Pure Mathematics now vacant at St. John's, and urging him to go forward for the post. He presumes Mr. Cayley (whom he says cannot teach) is most likely to be elected, but he feels Boole ought to offer his name to bring it to the notice of the College and adds that is what he plans to do. Closes with some local news.


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10 June 1863

Typed copy of a letter from Todhunter to Boole informing him Cayley was elected to the vacant position of Professor of Maths (see BP/1/233 above). He thanks him for the testimonial he sent and expresses his regret Boole did not go forward for the position, reminding him: 'Mathematical appointments are unfortunately neither numerous nor valuable.' He thanks him also for his invitation to visit, but regrets he could not travel to Ireland that year.

iii. letters from others to George Boole


3 pages
2 Sept [1853 - 54]

From John [N ] of Victoria Road Cork to Boole, ' explaining that a German woman who does not speak English has been admitted to the North Infirmary Hospital, and he wonders if Boole could come and translate for the staff.